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Annual transfer of 5,000 tons of phosphorus oxychloride industrial technology transfer

Share Last update:2018-11-19 10:04

Product Name:Phosphorus oxychloride

CAS No.:10025-87-3



Technology Details


Cooperation mode:Transfer or cooperative production


Market price:Phosphorus oxychloride is widely used in the production of pesticides, medicines, dyes, phosphate esters and flame retardants. It is a raw material for the manufacture of organophosphorus pesticide herbicides, insecticides, etc., and is used to produce plastic plasticizers. It is also used in the chlorination of long-acting sulfonamides, as an intermediate for the production of dyes, as an organically synthesized chlorinating agent and catalyst, as a uranium ore extractant. The products of this project are widely used and the market prospects are promising.

Route of Synthesis:In this project, phosphorus trichloride is used as raw material. Under certain temperature and pressure conditions, phosphorus trichloride and oxygen are oxidized and rectified to obtain phosphorus oxychloride. This reaction is an exothermic reaction.

Equipment needed:

Phosphorus trichloride metering tank|6m3|10 sets
First reactor 6000L|搪玻璃|4 sets
Second reactor|6000L|搪玻璃|4 sets
Distillation tank|6000L|搪玻璃|2 sets
Phosphorus oxychloride finished product tank | 10m3 | lining PE | 1 set
Liquid oxygen storage tank|15m3 |0Cr18Ni9 |1 set
Gasifier|0Cr18Ni9 | 1 set

Wastes:Basically no waste water and waste residue, a small amount of waste gas.

More information

In this project, phosphorus trichloride is used as raw material. Under certain temperature and pressure conditions, phosphorus trichloride and oxygen are oxidized and rectified to obtain phosphorus oxychloride. This reaction is an exothermic reaction.
The process is as follows:
Phosphorus oxychloride production is divided into two steps of oxidation and rectification.
(1) Oxidation In the main and secondary reaction kettles, a certain amount of phosphorus trichloride is injected into the liquid oxygen tank valve. The liquid oxygen is vaporized and buffered, the pressure is adjusted to 0.4 MPa, and the flow rate is adjusted to about 8 m3/h. Oxidation reaction is carried out, the reactor is opened and the circulating water is cooled, so that the material in the reactor is kept at about 68 °C, and the tail gas is not condensed into the exhaust gas after passing through the condenser, and the condensed liquid (the main component is unreacted) Phosphorus trichloride enters the low boiling tank and continues to be used in the next batch of production and input reactions. The pressure in the reactor is maintained at 0.02 MPa, oxygen is introduced for about 48 hours, and the temperature of the main reactor is lowered to 55 ° C. The main reactor material is taken for testing. When the low boiler is less than 5%, the main reactor material is pumped into the reactor. The still is subjected to distillation, and the contents of the secondary reactor are driven into the main reactor to continue the reaction. The next reaction kettle enters the next batch of phosphorus trichloride for the reaction of the next batch of materials.
(2) After the material in the rectification reactor is pumped into the distillation pot, the steam in the distillation pot is turned on, the water valve of the cooler is opened, and the temperature of the still is slowly raised to 105 ° C, the front distilling valve is opened, and the low boiling liquid is charged. When the tower temperature is at 105 ° C and the top pressure is 0.015 MPa, the front distillate valve is closed, the finished valve is opened, and the finished product is collected. When no material rises, the tower temperature drops, the steam can be turned off, and the next batch of materials can be cooled after cooling. Distillation, the collected materials are placed in the finished product tank, and after passing the test, they can be packaged and stored. Exhaust gas generated during distillation is absorbed by sodium hydroxide lye and then emptied.
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